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By providing advanced prototype manufacturing, custom machining, and rapid tooling to support and satisfy all sides of demands from the metal accessory design and development cycle. With more than 20 years in die casting services, we do strive to be your best full service product development partner, including the proof of concept, the structure and performance verification, function and engineering test, and even pre-production verification.

We provide custom design services and solutions for your project!

Metaldriven gives you access to a wide range of capabilities through a single, easy-to-use platform so you spend less time sourcing parts and more time on design innovation.

Focusing on the precision and efficient production of simple or complex metal parts, which is our core competitiveness. According to your design, budget and schedule, we help you to make the metal parts you need, such as metal accessories for clothing, luxury leather hand bags, home uinit & hardware etc. with unparalleled metal service.

Customization Supporting - We can do more than you think!

We are a rich experience manufacturer adding value to our services by caring about our customer's design's development and productions.

Provide innovation to our customers through forward-thinking and commercial products.

We can be your pious metal parts manufacturer, supplier and consultant.

Capabilities of relative products - We are the manufacturer of metal parts!

Metal swivel hook, slide buckle, metal chain, metal ring, jeans button, snap button, grommet eyelets, pronged fasteners, key chain, 5G oscillator and so on...

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